Thursday, 5 March 2009

Open your eyes

My last boyfriend cheated on me many times, most of which i never discovered until we broke up. Apparently miss goody two shoes here. aka me was wife material but obviously me and my mugu self was so blinded by love that i didn't see him sticking his member in every female he came across. I hope his dick falls off...ok that is mean, the man needs his dick, i hope it almost falls off lol!! I am not angry and bitter...i promise :). Anyway, why am i still throwing stones at this man, aah..he is my BIG MISTAKE that is why.

On today’s post. My very good gossip partner and best mate told me our very good mutual friend's husband is cheating on her. The infidel!! heheheh...always wanted to use that word in a non terrorist phrase... Ok, the infidel is banging their neighbour...wonders will never end. It’s so clichĂ©. You should see this neighbour...sweet looking woman like butter will not melt is her mouth but my goodness, the ass on that woman can balance a huge bowl of rice and soup with all the cutleries assembled on it. I asked "does she know?"..she said no. AAAHHHHHH see the panic that attacked my heart, i was like why are u telling me,? i have entered the "she knew my husband was cheating and didn't tell me" group. We both decided i don't know anything about this..i threatened to drown her if she ever mentions my name.

Why am i distancing myself from this drama..well, here are a few reasons

Husband is always being insultive towards her, even in front of us. No respect at all

She is always washing, cleaning, doting, running her life and his and gets nothing back

He calls her fat, and it upsets her. He knows it upsets her but still does it. Girlfriend is a size 14, she is not fat imo.

He is always working late, having drinks with friends, family meetings..the list goes on and on but when it comes to her all of a sudden he is too tired, too busy.

He has CHEATED before and she chose not to do anything about it. She found out and said she wanted to save her marriage.

This is just skimming the surface. I can go on all day.

She called me this morning, says she is feeling sad, i asked why and she said she doesn't know. I told her we will go to the spa this weekend to cheer her up, my treat..get her mind off things. Get massages and pedicures and whatever...she says he is desperate for her to be a size 10 ( i got mad at this but kept my cool, he is not my husband so i cannot knock his coconut head), she says he needs a holiday, she says he wants another kid, she said so many things. None of which are what she wants but want he wants. I listened. That’s all i can do. I don't want to give her the "wrong" advice. She seems to love this man for some reason.

I am not married, know nothing about what happens after the dancing in the hall and eating all the festive wedding food. I know nada about sharing a bed with a man everyday for the rest of your life. I really am in no position to judge. So i won't. But I’ve had boyfriends even just toasters who have treated me better, even my yeye small pikin brother treats his girlfriend better than my friend's husband does her. I just want to ask is it all worth it?

Ahh here comes the coffee man...god he is buff! I would like to tap that ass... grrr
Have a nice day peeps. Doug, this update is for you xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Me First!!...Nice blog here

    I feel sorry for ur friend. Nobody deserves to be mistreated or denigrated like that. If u can't tell her about her hussy's evil doings then maybe u shld start praying for her & her marriage'd help

  2. My heart actually started hurting from reading this post, poor lady. What to do? That guy is playing with fire and just doesn't know it.

  3. It is all good that she wants to save her marriage, but NOT facing him squarely and bringing up these issues will only kill the marriage more. She needs to stand up to him and not just stay there doing all the washing and cleaning and receiving all the abuses.

    What can I say? It's hard to say what to do when you're not in it. I pray things turn out better for her, and that happiness will come to her.

  4. I never stop to wonder "how couples get to that point"...this looks like a scene from "why did I get married"...what will make a man who claimed from the get go to love you start to disrespect you?....honestly I really wonder! I wish I could castrate this man and set his behind on fire!...but I guess I can't...please try to encourage her to be her own woman...and not rely on the dadgum guy for anything least of all "happiness" women deserves to be treated that way...why do we love blindly sef?...truth can happen to anybody...may it not be us!

  5. *sigh.....I hate hearing stuff like this, that's why I believe in taking my time when it comes to choosing a life partner.

    Sometimes things are good for a while and then they begin to hate each other...I never unterstand how that happens..oh well..I wish her the best.

    And take your eyes off the coffee boy!!!!

  6. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Mercy mercy!
    I have a question for you, were there any signs before the marriage? Is there anything at all wrong with her? please be honest because this your story is bugging me big time! I feel so bad for her and gosh wish I could have a conversation with her husband.
    Another question - did you tap da ass?!!!!!!!
    You have to tell me!

  7. How are u guys so sure that she doesnt know.

  8. Ok first of all why on Earth did you have to dedicate the update about the coffe man's ass to me? Huh???!!!! Seamstress??!!!!!!!


    But really, that's a testy situation (your friend I mean, not the coffee mans butt). If it were her boyfriend I woulda said you had a duty to sabotage the relationship, but as it this is really testy. I hope it works out well for her sha, 'cos if they break up, I think she'll leave feeling less confident about herself. So sad...


  9. No one can help ur friend except her. She has to get to her personal threshold of pain before she does something. It's sad, but I've realised this time and time again.

    Pls tell me you tapped his ass ;-) lol

  10. lol @ u wanting ur ex's dick to almost fall off..hehe!

    damn, poor ur friend..i really dunno what i wud do if i were in ur shoes..i really dont..u cud start by praying, i guess..

    so what happened with coffee man, huh??

  11. She should plan on leaving and have a life. She is taking all these shits but there will be a time she wont be able to anymore. And if she loses it, it will be disastrous!

    I wont tell her to pray or to wait till he changes... She needs out!

  12. I believe cheating should never be tolerated,be it a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship,or something as serious and life changing as a marriage.
    But i have a friend who is really older than me,and one would expect wiser.she is going through the same thing,i would love to share,but it's quite a story.
    I agree with standtall all the way,but you should pray with and for her.Please do keep us up-to-date on this.
    Goodluck tapping the coffee man's bom-bom.

    I told you i'b be

  13. Sorry about the cheating boyfriend.:(

  14. sometimes i think i would never get married.

  15. ooh i wish i had a hawt coffee man....oh well

    i am a crybaby so this story kinda made my eyes do that thing where they sting a bit and you're tryna hold back...makes me so cautious about the whole marriage thing..but my wahala lies it that people go ahead to marry people so visibly not right for them, or do they just poof and change one day after the wedding? it is soooo not fair how your friend is getting treated..nobody deserves that, especially from a spouse!! and she isn't even up to confronting him for anything, she just takes it...not fair!!

    LOL at the wish for your ex!!!

  16. People will only treat you the way you let them treat you
    he wouldnt do all those things if he knew he would not get away with it

  17. Na wa. That is why i say we women should be very careful of how we brag about your men out there because human beings get as them be!

    I pray she finds out soon. This is sad!

  18. I don't believe she should not be told. I don't understand why people play with fire and accept not to get burned. If it was me and I knew husband and wife I will tell. I think it is my duty to.

    The dude must look like he came out of GQ. If some women did not fall for these men they'd go back to their wives or DIY for the rest of their lives even if she was a size 1 million. No woman should be made to endure this, that's why the bull should be taken by the horn. He should make the choice and stop thinking he is getting away with it.

  19. Wanting to save her marriage isn't wrong, infact, it's what is expected of her. But she shouldn't be turning a blind eye to the issues in her marriage. No woman should be a doormat, she's made herself one! Girlfriend needs to step up and talk to her man...not keep taking thrash!

    And most importantly, she needs to take these issues to God in prayers!

  20. Whoaw...

    well dont u think she knows already? mayb shes just ignoring it, u know.. turning a blind eye..

  21. Ah... I have a similar case on my advice label on my blog. She need to stand up and fight it b4 it get worse. Confrontation is the key. I still don't understand why women choosed to suffer in silence than work on confronting issues like this. She honestly don't deserve this.

  22. i am with writefreak on this...

    sorry to hear about the cheating boyfy...

  23. Damn!
    Whatever happened to 'mutual respect', yeah i'm kinda old skool and still believe the guy heads the house (every org needs a CEO) but mutual respect is the watch word.
    "I spoil you, you spoil me, we spoil each other. SIMPLE"
    Nice move not telling ur friend, however, if i were you...I'd orchestrate things so she finds out for herself.
    Hiss..crazy to think of good fellas who'd give half their dick to have a devoted wife.
    Just kidding...cant think of any who'd do that

  24. I guess i might not be the best person to give advice;i understand it all and its only God that can do it.Some of us are not fighters and accept whatever life throws at us.

  25. helloooooooooooooooooooooo!

    hope u r ok?

  26. I wonder why some men cheat when they have such kind,loving wives???
    Maybe its true that some just prefer bitchy wives...
    Sorry about your ex and I hope your friend will be fine when she eventually finds out.....

  27. you would like to tap that ass huh lol

  28. Gosh...Would it not be better to be single and alone rather than coming home every night to a man that makes you feel like that...


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