Sunday, 5 July 2009

Knock knock..who is it?

Hi peeps

I know, its disgusting. I have abandoned this blog for so long i forgot the password to enter, took me umpteenth tries before blogger will allow me enter. How is everyone doing?

Well life has been a whirl wind, trashing me about like a rag doll but i am still wearing my heels in defiance, i will go down in my high heels if needs must.

I still have a job-thank you lord cause this economic climate is so scary, many have fallen so i thank God for his mercy

I have lost weight-without even dieting!! Miracle

I am still single- although there is male attention,they are all either:

Married-and bare face lying that they are not. In my world no married man will visit pussy vile. However this certain married man will not listen to the voice of reason. He swore on the bible (God please send down bolts of lightening) and said he is not married. I know his friends, they confirm he is married, the guy is still protesting. Last week he called me over 28 times back to back, i got scared. Called my friend, she called his brother, he called him. The calls stopped. This week they have started again, last night he almost cried on the phone. This is a grown ass man with children! CHINEKE SAVE ME. I threatened to tell his pastor. He's promise to not contact me again. He says he is innocent and i have been unfair. I told him pele, life is a bitch sometimes. It will be well.

Are single but want to take things till something works out-god forbid bad thing, you don't know what you want, a grown man? This one i just blocked from all angles, told him i am out of the country lol!! hope i don't bump into him anywhere.

A Player: Player is a friends brother, i don't do players, had my heart broken too many times, its not worth it so i have a discriminatory clause. However, the guy will not let me rest. Last month he bought me a pair of very lush shoes, this month he bought me an iphone and the most gorgeous Fendi bag i've ever seen, i think its been woven by elves, its so pretty. I told him i can't accept them, he said he can't take them back, they are gifts. So matters are out of my hand, i have to keep them!!! muahahahahah

Home life
My flat mate drives me up the wall, i may need the services of Hannibal lecter, she should be consumed! The issue is this, the babe wants to marry by hook or by crook. However, there is no man, so how is marriage going to be possible. Abi she will spirit the "husband" out of thin air?. She has under gone bouts of depression, self pity, anger, anguish. I don't know what else but still she soldiers on, i must take a leaf out of her book because the girl is dedicated. Although slightly obsessed.

I understand the dark place she is in because to be honest, most people want to get settled and marry and have kids. I say most because some obviously don't e.g hermits. You never hear a hermit saying, i need to get laid. They don't need that human contact, its us mere mortals that go gaga if we are devoid of such emotions, so i get her. My problem is that i need to get laid first before my ovaries explode.

I came very close to doing the deed to a certain man but in my defence, i was drunk, and to his defence he was drunk and condomless. So he did what any decent man will do and went down south. I did what any drunk woman will do and lose all inhibitions. I moaned and screamed in climax and passed out in subtle sleep. He was not amused by my antics, apparently he wanted me to return a favour plus i snore when am drunk. To be honest, i should have told him that i suffer from S&L (selfishness and laziness)when am under the influence. We are still talking, i think he wants a re-run, however as my beer goggles are now off, there is no chance of that ever happening.

Anyway, i hope you are all staying out of trouble. Stay fabulous xxx