Monday, 9 February 2009

The Five Human Races

When i am bored, i do a lot of meaningless time wasting and trivial activities..i research facts, read a lot of "heat" magazine even though i know i am wasting time i will never get back but such is life sometimes. Today, i found something and all i can tell you is that i am shocked...i shouldn't be shocked but here i am eyes staring unbelievably at my computer screen.

I picked up the phone and called my oyimbo friend Jackie...poor her, i always feel the need to inform her of the injustice that “her” people did to “my” people, all in an educational way of course but she like any of my oyimbo friends just nod and make no comment....they learnt the hard way. One discussion with my South African oyimbo friend brought all of this to rest...she called Nelson Mandela a terrorist. I remember the very moment, my body language was to move so close to her that our eye lashes were touching and i uttered one word...what?? i felt the blood rushing to her cheeks, she went bright red and then pale. I then went on to educate her forcibly about the oppression that the apartheid brought. I dragged her to the library and conjured pictures off the one point, i thought she was going to cry, but i persisted, it was for her own good. If she uttered those words somewhere else..she could be airlifted by some ones fist, so really i was saving her.

Anyway, back to my conversation with Jackie...i found this article below and of course i had to show Jackie. She always the philanthropist and friend joined me in a tirade of disgust against the author, we even threatened to email the author but its Monday afternoon and even the awful office coffee is wearing off.

Here is the offending article

All of you have a great week. I had an awesome dream about me and Mr Will Smith last night so this week is going to be all fabulousness!! Peace out xx


  1. can u imagine the rubbish??????? mschewwwwwwwwwwwww. im sending the article to everyone i know

    u and willie???????? let jada catch u

  2. Funms: I was so pissed when i saw it...the author ought to have pepper smeared on his testicles!!!! nonsense man..

    Me and Will went all the way baby!!lol

  3. ehn? I dont even know what to say men. But I am not very surprised though. I just learnt today that majority of west africans apparenly find Nigerians arrogant, corrupt, and untrustworthy. I can tell you I almost lost my mind. Geez. I am still shaking in rage.
    You and Will ehn? its me and Lil Wayne, please dont ask.

  4. Wow..nelson mandela a terrorist??? What exactly was she thinking?

    As for the article..i dont even know what to say!

    U went all way with will, huh? Dreams sure r funny, arent they?

    How r u anywayz?

    I seem to have asked u 21!

  5. interesting article.
    and a very nice blog u got :-)

  6. "The skull is deficient in all the higher intellectual manifestations."

    Are they MAD!!!! Mschew....They should keep under estimating us, until we take over the world.

    Nelson Mandela A terrorist....Men! that's the thickest statement I've ever heard!

  7. Cant stop laughing at the way you educated


    The skull is deficient in all the higher intellectual manifestations.

    what nonsense...yeye people...

  8. Temite: People can be so stupid sometimes..i really don't understand how someone can group a whole race and country and judge them with one wand!!! Just plain crazy. How are ya??

    Buttercup: Its unbelievable!! She is nuts, wanted to give her a hot slap but i was scared they will arrest me for assualt!. I am good, mr smith was amazing...i wanted to cry when i woke up!!

    Emaan: Thanks for dropping by xx

    Sirius: Leave the goats...we have taken over the white house if they hadn't noticed! The girl is a silly cow, wanted to beat her lol!

    Blackberry: Thanks for stopping by, come bk soon xx

    Afrobabe: Can you imagine, someone actually wrote that crap...silly goats. I had to educate her lol!! needless to say, we aren't friends anymore.

  9. lol at your education of your south african oyinbo sure she has learnt

    n d person/people that wrote that article are just so stupid, so becaue they're white, the white race is now the most intellectual, taking over the world, and see how they were even describing their features very poeticaly. Nincompoops!

  10. there are only to races, the decent and the indecent - Viktor Frankl...

  11. Ko le da fun "The skull is deficient in all the higher intellectual manifestations" oloshious fellow. His father's brain is deficient. I'm so irritated right now. Why did you make me read that article now, ehn yyyyyyy?

    Lmao @ u educating your friend- eyelash to eyelash... lol. I recently heard that the FBI put mandela on their terror list until very recently. Sad, just sad.

    Let Jada catch u. That woman is ripped, she will knock some sense into you. lol

  12. "she could be airlifted by some ones fist!!"

    mm.. i luv technology!!
    so how does it work?


  13. men! just read d article!!

    "The skull is deficient in all the higher intellectual manifestations"

    was d guy smoking crack wen he wrote dat??

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. LOL @ "she could be airlifted by some ones fist"
    Pity I couldnt find a link to mail the ape who wrote this and the greater apes who published.
    Only one phrase was ALL i wanted to leave for him, I apologize, 'it'...



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